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Zong 4G Mi Fi is a portable device that comes with a battery.

You can carry it around in your pocket and still be able to use the internet.

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Warid is the only company which didn’t participate in the frequency bidding and is going to use its un-utilized network to launch 4G LTE services.

Warid has been long trying to retain its customers by calling and telling its customers that they would be sent a 4G sim at their home address but to date these just look like tactics to hold on to the few customers they have left.

Warid is expected to start giving sims to all clients by first week of November.

But then again it is hard to trust Waird, considering they have been calling customers since August promising 4g sim by mail.

With this offer, MBB Customers will get 34 GB per month instead of 24, 60 GB per month instead of 50 and 110 per month GB instead of 100 for the entire year.

Zong 4G device has taken the country by storm and the demand has risen to incredible level.If these telecom service providers continue to provide such good speeds, people might start switching from wireless devices like EVO and start using 3G or 4G services.The only reason the users are avoiding such move is the download limit on 3G and 4G bundles.If you were planning to buy Zong’s 3G and 4G MBB internet devices then now is the time, as Zong has announced this new Dosti MBB offer through which it will be giving away the customers 10GB of extra internet data on its 3G and 4G mobile broadband bundles every month.Customers will continue to get 10GB extra internet data through rest of the year 2016.You only need to charge it and it’s good for few hours of use.

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