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Everyone loves going to the movie, so you just can’t go wrong with this gift.Shopping Bags: If there is one thing most girls love, it is shopping!

A Pair of Dice: If you love taking risks, or if you just like to go to Las Vegas, this one’s for you.

I think this is and then by Mortzeart and/or Tlero. Good amount of choices leading to several variables and endings, giving very good replay value.

This gift is also well suited for those seeking friendship or activity partners.

But even a game of tennis or golf can be steamy especially when your date asks you to help her improve her game…

Movie & Popcorn: The classic movie and pop-corn gift may say that’s what you want to do on your first date, but perhaps it has a deeper meaning?

You’re simple and down to earth, or that there’s no pressure or expectations.

Third, a Virtual Gift is simply a nice way to show you’re generous.

Once received and accepted, Virtual Gifts appear on an Attractive member’s profile (the Attractive member does have the privacy option of hiding all their Virtual Gifts from showing).

For about five credits, Generous members can now send a virtual gift with their offer or email to Attractive members. First, it allows Generous members to stand out from the crowd by showing he or she is serious about the other person.

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