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Generally graphics cards do not require BIOS update unless you are facing some serious issues like unstability, freezing, compatibility issues or other technical issues related to GPU.Also if your graphics card is voltage-locked and you want increase the voltage of the card for overclocking purpose then you have to install a custom or modded BIOS on your graphics card.Updating the bios is not necessary unless it supports the current version the driver you will download (This rarely happens).


I've had to completely reset Windows 10 due to this, as not even removing the driver (and everything n Vidia) seemed to fix the issue. Visit our new Windows Mixed Reality forum located in our Gaming segment.

Graphics Card BIOS or GPU BIOS is also known as VBIOS, Video BIOS or VGA BIOS.

Updating or Upgrading Graphics Card BIOS is not that hard but you should be very careful in updating VGA BIOS otherwise you might end up bricking your graphics card and render it useless.

The difference between updating from the device manager compared to downloading it manually is does that in the device manager, the program visits microsoft's website to see if the driver it will download is supported and will then proceed to the manufacturer's site automatically then download it.

It takes a lot of time compared to downloading it manually from the manufacturer's site (assuming you know what OS you have and what model of GPU you have). Even though you dont install the Intel HD 5500 and only installing the Geforce 940m it will still work, I do this in all my devices and it works It doesnt matter what you update first although there are some default bios settings that prioritizes a certain driver.

Using this VBIOS editing utility you can customize or make important changes to your VBIOS file regarding clock speeds, voltage, timings, boot settings, temperature settings and then can save the updated VBIOS to the hard drive for flashing purpose.

Now after making the appropriate changes you can use NVFlash to flash your VBIOS using this new VBIOS file that you have saved with Ni Bi Tor.

There are separate special tools available for both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards for GPU BIOS update.

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