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The Klingons, in whose presence tribbles produce a convulsive, shrieking reaction, consider them "mortal enemies", as stated in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations" (1996).David Gerrold has said that his original idea for tribbles was based on the well-known problems associated with the overpopulation of rabbits in Australia.

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He wanted a creature prop that would be cheap to produce, and took inspiration from a ball of pink fuzz attached to a key ring.

The name for tribbles was originally "fuzzies," but to avoid confusion with the H.

Tribbles were first shown in an episode of the second season of the original series, "The Trouble With Tribbles" (1967).

They have appeared in several subsequent series, as well as in a number of Star Trek feature films, and in video games such as Star Trek: Armada II.

Later Sheldon is persuaded to join in the Physics Bowl by quoting Spock's dying words.

Sheldon makes up TOS uniform-style shirts for his Physics Bowl team, with his teammates as redshirts.Star Trek actors Wil Wheaton, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei, Le Var Burton, and Brent Spiner have all made appearances on the show, as fictionalized versions of themselves.Cast member Kaley Cuoco also played William Shatner's daughter in commercials, and Iris Bahr had appeared in the original unaired pilot for the show.Ultimately in the final scene, to satisfy who is smarter between Leonard and Sheldon, Penny asks multiple real-world questions for which they are only able to give Star Trek-like answers, including Patrick Stewart or William Shatner being the Sexiest Man Alive and Tweety Bird thinking he saw a Romulan.The guys purchase a time machine prop from the movie The Time Machine and they decide to play with it.Howard claims that the Yiddish culinary dish kreplach is also a hearty Klingon dumpling.

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