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I figured I could tolerate anything for 45 seconds. My health and fitness had just taken a turn for the better. I hadn't run in 30 years, and I had just run-walked-run SIX miles.

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My daughter Dominique, a POPSUGAR Fitness editor, consistently championed my journey and encouraged me to push boundaries. I actually look forward to run days, and I'm no longer as exhausted (physically or mentally) at the end of distance runs.

A recent conversation went something like this: Me: "My blood sugar levels are improving, but I'm still not losing any weight." Dominique: "You have to do cardio." Me: "I'm walking and hiking." Dominique: "Get your heart rate up. My blood sugar levels are under control and I'm off my doctor's prediabetic radar.

I started out slowly: walking, then hiking, and eventually working up to long-distance walks like half-marathons. That morning, I began talking to some women I thought were fellow walkers as we started walking that week's scheduled six-mile course. He states that by focusing on the intervals, a person assumes cognitive control over their workout, allowing them to better control fatigue and avoid negative or detrimental thoughts that can derail training. I've been using RWR for nearly a year and had no injuries — and my joints are on the older side.

I even joined a running group, San Diego's In Motion Fit, so I could improve my half-marathon walking speed. On a few hill-training days when my knees started to act up, I shortened the intervals to / and avoided pain and injury.

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