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An artist, making a guess about the look and personality of an animal buried in sandstone and converted to rock is hardly “Rock Solid” evidence; good pun eh? Sure, God used the Flood to preserve and date them.

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In Old French, “Yes” is “Oil” which is what was produced, along with Coal and Natural Gas. It refers to controlling Man by controlling Energy and remaking the Earth to pre-flood conditions.

The Flood lowered the levels of Carbon-14 in the atmosphere and oceans very suddenly by this global scrubbing event.

Most scientists regard the flood as myth; they are hampered by assuming the atmosphere has not undergone any significant changes in the last 6000 years; wrong!

The conditions existing in the pre-flood world were much different than now; no mountains, much more vegetation, more moisture in the air and more oxygen.

[frame_right][/frame_right]The most common scientific means to calculate the age of once living things is “Radiocarbon dating”.

This relies on knowing the ratio of stable carbon-12 to radioactive carbon 14 in the cells of once living things, and measuring the amount of carbon-14 that remains when the specimen is found. The carbon cycle begins in the atmosphere where nitrogen is hit by solar radiation and converted into radioactive carbon dioxide in the form of Carbon-14.

Flash Frozen specimens gave us a permanent and datable record of their existence in the frozen high latitudes of the now 230 tilted Earth.

The bible says there were behemoths and leviathans, but it does not mention hundreds of varieties; Man was given “Dominion” over all animals; living with a bunch of T-Rex’s around would have made life very much a “Survival of the Fittest”.

There were no ice sheets or deserts, but rather just a vast “Biosphere” or “Greenhouse”.

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