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After a decade of struggle and fatigue keeping the magazine alive, Freda Kirchwey handed over the editorship to Carey Mc Williams in 1955; Mc Williams had secured labor expert George G. Kirchwey initially intended to continue writing for the Nation but contributed only a few pieces until her death in 1976. Y.) was created in 1943 as a non-profit membership corporation "to provide the media for free discussion of the large issues which it regards as basic to the preservation and the extension of the democratic way of life." It acquired the stock of the magazine and became its publisher, in part to distinguish between the magazine's welfare and Freda Kirchwey's personal finances.

Its membership activities included an annual forum, public policy conferences, special issue-focused committees, and radio broadcasts, many of which were also fund raisers.

The couple had three sons, the first two, Brewster and Jeffrey, dying in their first and seventh years respectively; son Michael served in the war and was an occasional contributor to the Nation.

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Freda Kirchwey was born Mary Frederika Kirchwey in 1893 in Lake Placid, New York, and attended Barnard College.

She married Princeton instructor Evans Clark (1888-1970) in 1915.

The collection is organized in 10 series: There is significant overlap in the content of most series in this collection; issues and people can be found in multiple files.

The predominant types of material present are correspondence, memoranda, notes, articles, printed material, clippings, photographs, and scrapbooks.

Over the years the repository began a detailed listing of the A-Z correspondence which was abandoned; the resulting lists are found at the end of this collection.

In the present cataloging, the two additional, smaller donations of material have been incorporated into Series II-X.

A number of theses and books have explored the history of the magazine and its political and social impact; the most useful to date in the context of this collection is: Alpern, Sara, 1942- . She brought a "militant liberalism" to the magazine, inevitably experiencing a bumpy ride, nonetheless keeping the magazine afloat under dire financial circumstances while expanding activities associated with the magazine.

The dates of the bulk of this collection encompass the effects of the Great Depression and New Deal, the rise of fascism, growing comprehension of the Holocaust, the domestic and international crises of World War II, the dawning of the atomic age, and the roots of the Cold War and Mc Carthyism, all topics documented in this collection.

This collection is not housed at the Houghton Library but is shelved offsite at the Harvard Depository, except for oversize items. Readers should check with Houghton Public Services staff to determine retrieval policies and times.

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