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Once again I am using the same name of “mail.contoso.local”.For Autodiscover the additional names of “autodiscover.contoso.local” and “autodiscover.xyzimports.local” are also configured, for each of the accepted email domains in this example organization.

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Before putting a new server into production you should create and assign a new SSL cert for the server.

If you're using an internal DNS namespace that you don't own or is not valid (eg, .local) you may also need to read How to Deal with SSL Requirements for Exchange when Certificate Authorities Won’t Issue You a Certificate In this example an SSL cert is being configured for the contoso.local organzation.

The new certificate now appears in the list of valid certificates for the server.

With the valid SSL certificate installed it is now time to assign it to the Exchange Server 2010 services.

A legacy name for co-existence is required if you are planning to gradually transition services and data from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010.

Configure legacy names for each of the namespaces in the organization, in this example “legacy.contoso.local” and “legacy.xyzimports.local”.

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In an Exchange Server 2013 organization where high availability is a requirement you need to consider both the Client Access and the Mailbox server roles.

Right-click the new certificate and choose “Assign Services to Certificate”.

Choose the new Exchange server and click the Next button. In this example the IIS and SMTP services are being assigned.

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