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Aira is a huge fan of Mion, having called her "Mion-sama" for a while before being asked by the latter to stop.

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She was born on September 3, 1997, which is coincidentally the same date as Rizumu's.

She is known to be clumsy, naive, and nonathletic, but is very optimistic and considerate of others.

At first, she had thought that Wataru, another member of Callings, was unreliable and depended more on Jun until he proved to her that he would protect her.

Mion's song is called "Switch On My Heart" and was first heard in Episode 12.

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All members of MARs were born under the Skater Goddess Constellation and have a love interest in the members of Callings.

In Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future, MARs moved to the "Symphonia Company" in Episode 38. Their Duo Jumps in Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream are "Colorful Choco Parade Duo" (Aira and Rizumu), "Wonderful Sweets Show" (Aira and Rizumu, Episode 17), "Heart Arc Fantasy" (Aira and Rizumu, Episode 18) (Rizumu and Mion, Episode 29), "Stardust Shower Duo" (Aira and Rizumu, Episode 19), "Fly High Cheer Girl" (Aira and Rizumu, Episode 20) (Aira and Mion, Episode 24), "Bloom-Bloom-Blooming Love Flowers Duo" (Aira and Mion, Episode 23), "Pop'n Candy Rockets Duo" (Aira and Rizumu, Episode 25) and "Heartful Splash Duo" (Aira and Rizumu, Episode 27).

Shō is the leader of the boys idol unit group, Callings. He is also the designer and manager of "Prism Stone", Aira's favorite clothing store.

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