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I'm not a very social person, so having Chaturbate is a huge outlet for me. Send all requests for privates to my email [email protected] " will get you nowhere If you don't follow these simple rules you will be silenced or banned swiftly!I mostly like to get hard and explode while I'm here, but I do like to tease my ass every now and again.. 5 tokens=Smile20 tokens=PM22 tokens=Feet30 Tokens=Nipple Play31 Tokens=Armpit Closeup35 Tokens=Feet Flash50 tokens=Ass Flash51 tokens= Cock Flash 52 tokens=Take off/Put On (1)clothing of choice100=Stroke cock until hard101 tokens=Spread Asshole 120 tokens=Dildo Blowjob500 tokens= Add you on snap and send you a clip of me cumming on my own time!You may access User-Submitted Content for your information and personal use solely as intended through the provided functionality of the Chaturbate website.

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I'm not very sexually experienced, but I know most everything (porn is my friend! I suck at almost all of them except soccer, though it's been a while since I last played a soccer game..

I like to hang with people I like on Chaturbate (as a viewer) in my free time~ Compliments are always appreciated~ The little amount of privacy I have is important to me. I love soccer, tennis, track and field, scuba, volleyball, and most other sports..

That is correct: He does not bend in the face of peer pressure or cultural criticism.

He crumples in the face of peer pressure and cultural criticism.

My ethnic background is Italian(specifically Sicilian), English, and French.

In my free time, I'm usually sunbathing, playing a videogame, working out, or watching/reading manga!

What is criticism if not a person’s forthright, uncorrupted appraisal of the merits of a work?

Changing your opinion because you’ve been shouted at is no less craven than changing your opinion because you’ve been threatened by an advertiser.

Hopefully you help with that ;) Height- 170 cm (5'6") Weight- 60 kg (132lbs) Cock- 17.7 cm (7 inches) Cock- Circumcised Build- Slim Sexuality- bi-curious(curious because I've never done it : P) I LOVE anime and manga. Don't advertise/No promoting your room(this includes asking someone to PM you..)4. Email me on gmail(gorillamike223) or message me on twitter to schedule a private show/password show for a later day.

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