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Wise Location: Beaufort, SC For more information: [email protected](843) 208-8206 Dates: June 24 - July 14 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Laura Nash, Andrew Virdin Visiting Faculty: M.

Asante, Adam Bradley, Bryan Crandall, Tricia Rose, James Smethurst, Yohuru Williams Location: Fairfield, CT For more information: [email protected](203) 254-4000 Dates: July 10-28 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Chris Fuller and Edward Glowienka Visiting Faculty: Grant Hokit, Melissa Kwasny, and Mike Jetty Location: Helena, MT For more information: [email protected](406) 447-4335 Dates: June 26 – July 21 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Hilde Binford Visiting Faculty: Craig Atwood, Greg Funfgeld, Larry Lipkis, Renée Anne Louprette, Michael Marissen, Markus Rathey, George Stauffer, Peter Wollny Location: Bethlehem, PA For more information: [email protected](610) 861-1691 Dates: July 2-21 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Lori Ginzberg Visiting Faculty: Erica Armstrong Dunbar, Judith Giesberg, Barbara Klaczynska Location: Philadelphia, PA For more information: [email protected](215) 546-3181 Dates: July 8-29 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Will Harris Visiting Faculty: Sue Leeson, Kevin Ryan Location: Los Angeles, CA For more information: [email protected](818) 591-9321 Dates: June 11 – July 1 (3 weeks Project Director(s): Shawn Alexander Visiting Faculty: Anthony Bolden, Dionne Danns, Michael Fortner, Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Clarence Lang, Kevin Mumford, John Rury, Cathy Schneider, Heather Thompson, William Tuttle, Rhonda Williams and Kevin Willmott Location: Lawrence, KS For more information: [email protected](785) 864-5044 Dates: July 9-29, 2017 (3 weeks) Project Director(s): Sylvia Bailey Shurbutt Visiting Faculty: Nikki Giovanni, Silas House, Rachael Meads, Adam Booth, Ed Herendeen Location: Shepherdstown, WV For more information: [email protected](304) 876-3119 Dates: June 25 - July 21 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Kathleen B.

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That decision was used to justify segregating all public facilities, including schools.

Dates: June 25 - July 21 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Kathleen B.

The main marketing tool Landmark uses is high-pressure direct contact with participants, including phone calls that border on harassment, according to some participants.

Apparently, however, Erhard is not involved in the operation of LEC.

In fairness, it is also post hoc reasoning to assume that very disturbed individuals who deteriorate rapidly after attending LGAT seminars, do so because of their participation.

Part of their zealotry, however, derives from the intense pressure put on them to bring their friends and family into the program, and to sign up for follow-up courses.

Prospective participants in The Forum, which has been classified as an LGAT, were compared with nonparticipating peers and with available normative samples on measures of well-being, negative life events, social support, and philosophical orientation.

Dates: July 9-14 or July 23-28 Project Director(s): Lynne Manring Visiting Faculty: Richard Bailey, Alexka Chan, Thomas Doughton, Gretchen Gerzina, Jared Hardesty, Joanne Melish, Tammy Denease Richardson Location: Deerfield, MA For more information: [email protected] (413) 774-7476 x33 Dates: July 9-15 or July 23-29 (commuters only) Project Director(s): Jen Masengarb, Gabrielle Lyon Visiting Faculty: Henry Binford, Robert Bruegmann, Douglas Gilbert, Thomas Leslie, Joanna Merwood-Salisbury, Katherine Solomonson, Paul Steinbrecher, Antony Wood Location: Chicago, IL For more information: [email protected](312) 561-2147 Dates: June 25 – July 21 (4 weeks) Project Director(s): Rachel Allmen, Robert Johnston Visiting Faculty: James Barrett, Marcia Chatelain, Diane Dillon, Leon Fink, , Daniel Greene, Amma Ghartey-Tagoe Kootin, Jeffrey Helgeson, Ben Johnson, Adriane Lentz-Smith, Robyn Muncy, Raul Ramos, Jeff Sklansky, Cecilia Tichi, K.

I'm committed to giving you my experienced point of view as a participant.

You can be assured I question everything and call out anyone if see or think there is something off.

Aside from being a sexual type of person, I have an intellectual side also, I love and enjoy to hear about other peoples lives and experiences, I do have alot of therapy pvts, and theres a reason for that.

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