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Shio è una ragazza solitaria che ha un sogno segreto chiuso nel cassetto.Ad un certo punto incontrerà un ragazzo che cambierà la sua vita per sempre...

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Shio is a bit clueless at times, somewhat of a cry baby, but she has a pure personality and can be courageous at points in the manga too! There are moments where you'll go d'aww, cry, laugh, and smile. I thought that one of the themes this manga brings was nice too: even if a dream is impossible to oneself as long as you try you will not regret it, after all it's something that makes you the happiest doing. (you'll understand why I said this if you read the manga) P. I hope I helped someone in making their decision to read this. : P As most manga with less than 20 chapters, events and happenings move at a considerably fast pace that leaves you struggling to keep up.

Nao is the dream guy: he's supportive, good looking, and knows not to stray away from his dream. Overall: I think that this shoujo manga is worth taking a look if you have the time. In the story Hitoribocchi wa Samishikute, there is evidence of that.

She dreams of becoming a singer and writes all her feelings into songs.

One day Nao and Shio's classmates discover her notebook of feelings.

In Japan people of all ages read manga, manga does not target younger audiences like american comics.

Copyright e marchi dei manga, e altri materiali promozionali sono ritenuti dai loro rispettivi proprietari e il loro utilizzo è permesso solo sotto alcune eque clausole della legge sul Copyright.She basically did a complete turn from her shy self.Many may disagree with me, but she really just went from shy to bam let me take initiative.Also because of how stuff seemed to be just thrown in. I really liked how the characters were drawn (: Character: 9/10 I must say the lead girl did annoy me just a bit.But I guess it's only because of how she grew.There are also a lot of sweet moments they have during their exploration to get their dream together, I won't spoil it but there is kissing!

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