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, one of the earliest known paintings by the artist, retains traditional narrative elements usually absent from his later works.Although van de Velde's first dated paintings are from 1614, Stechow suggested a date of about 1612-13 for the Oberlin thus making it among the artist's earliest paintings.

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Hondecoeter's trees are almost ornamental in character and tend to be much more decorative than those seen in works of certain of Hondecoeter's contemporaries, such as David Vinckboons.

On the right-hand side of the drawing, a vista of the surrounding countryside and a village opens up, the village seemingly clinging to the sides of a simply outlined hill.

It is not unusual to find motifs borrowed from other painters in the woodland views of Hondecoeter's early period.

Following the scheme from left to right, from the definite to the hazy, from darkness to light, could be interpreted as a progression from Hondecoeter's earlier indebtedness to other artists to artistic freedom.

He cited the more traditional aspects of the composition (such as the seasonal and biblical themes), as well as its stylistic relationship to the more densely forested works of van de Velde's teacher Gillis van Coninxloo (1544-1607).1 Indeed, despite the more naturalistic, unaggrandized view of the native landscape, the greater horizontality of the composition, and the artist's brilliant application of paint (see Technical Data), some traditional elements still linger in the , such as the clusters of trees framing the composition in a formula borrowed from Coninxloo.

Another traditional element is the pairing of this landscape with a similarly conceived pendant.Parallels with Hondecoeter's first dated painting (Landscape with a Musical Gathering, painted in 1602 and now in the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa) make this dating extremely likely, since there is a notable degree of similarity between the left-hand sides of the two works. Wabbes, Illustrated Dictionary of 17th century Flemish Painters, Bruxelles : La Renaissance du Livre, 1994, 3 volumes (Texte, p. Gerszi, "L'influence de Pieter Bruegel sur l'art du paysage de David Vinckboons et de Gillis d'Hondecoutre", in Bulletin du Musée hongrois des Beaux-Arts, n 53, Budapest, 1979, pp.Hondecoeter's landscapes show the influence of Gillis van Coninxloo, Roelandt Savery, and David Vinckboons. In the early 1610s, he played a leading role in the development of a more naturalistic landscape style in the Netherlands, a style committed to recording the native Dutch scene. In the foliage, a thin reddish-brown glaze is applied over the white ground to create the shadows, then the more opaque pigment of the individual leaves is applied in dots.Among his pupils and followers was Jan van Goyen, whose early works much resemble his. This technique, also found in other early landscapes by the artist, results in a lighter appearance and an almost palpable movement in the trees. Like other Protestant refugees, he fled to Holland, then in 1587 moved to Frankenthal (near Frankfurt) in Germany, where he became the most important figure among a small group of Netherlandish landscape painters, now known as the Frankenthal School. Coninxloo's early landscapes are panoramic views of vast valleys and great mountain ranges populated by biblical or mythological figures, in the tradition of Bruegel.

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