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If that's true in physical life, how important is the "heart" in our spiritual life? As someone has said our heart is like the “kernel of a nut” or like the internal citadel of our soul.Pr is the answer to that vitally important question! Remember that if God gives us a command, He will enable us to carry out the command, so don't make excuses that this is too difficult a thing for you to accomplish! You need to determine what specific vulnerabilities you need to "watch over" because we each have different besetting sins (cp Heb 12:1-note). Our heart controls all of our life, serving as the well spring of all our actions, and the center and seat of all the principles that undergird how we behave.

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In my experience the Septuagint (LXX) can often serve as somewhat of a "mini-commentary" on the Hebrew passage that it translates.

One has to use discretion as the Septuagint translation of some passages are strikingly different from the corresponding Hebrew.

And of course, in a post-9/11 world, we have an even greater sense of the need to be on the alert. The things that concern our inner man are far more important and eternally consequential than the material goods we might be able to protect.

Out of all the areas in life that force us to take "security measures", the Bible presents our effort to protect our heart as the most important of all.

) who prowls around (1Pe 5:8-note, 1Pe 5:9-note) continually looking for a "chink" in our armor with his goal being to take back lost ground (cp Ep , 27-note where "opportunity" is topos = territory, land, a defined place, an area = a foothold from which to launch further attacks as is true in real warfare! We must not forget that our heart is easily deceived (cp Jer 17:9, cp Jesus' warning = Mt , cp deception of Ananias and Sapphira = Acts 5:3) and when the citadel of the heart is "overrun" or taken by the enemy (the world, the flesh or the devil), our whole man suffers defeat!

So we need to be diligent with all keeping and before all else we must give priority to the protecting our heart.

Then, he ran out just in time to catch a thief by surprise as he paid his regular night-time visit to steal engine parts.

It seems that life all around us is filled with reasons to be on our guard, and to protect ourselves from loss or damage or theft with respect to our material goods.

And yet, hardly anyone gives a single thought to "keeping the heart".

(Keep Your Heart, Proverbs Sermon Greg Allen - Bethany Bible Church) . In medical terms, it's when the heart ceases to beat.

In the case of Pr , the Greek translation of the Hebrew is illuminating.

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