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Gallbladder disease affects about 15 percent of people over the age of 50 and gallbladder problems also tend show up more in obese people, people with high cholesterol and those who have gastrointestinal trouble.

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The heart team evaluated her and found to be in agreement with the choice of t... A TAVR in February 2012, made it possible to have her aortic valve replaced and today she says, “I... She was diagnosed with severe Aortic Stenosis in her country and was advised a valve replacement. I would like to thank those people who have supported and t... I wish them good luck for all of their future projects, may god bless them.

Her doctor son chose TAVR as the procedure of choice in view of her severe Asthma. Aklo Devi, 75 year old frail lady from Gurgaon, could not have her aortic valve replaced at the time of her Bypass Surgery because she had a very fragile Aorta (Porcelain Aorta) and the surgeon left the diseased aortic valve un-replaced. Hussiniah Bahr Amer Alhadi, 74 year old Yemeni lady from Saudi Arabia suffered from breathlessness and tiredness at minimal exertion leading to great difficulty in doing her domestic work. He successfully underwent TAVR in 2013 and life changed for good. Special thanks to their team for their extraordinary co-operation and support.

Malati Shah view more Prior to TAVR procedure, my condition was very critical. Not only do I feel a colossal metamorphosis personally, but also my close ones are euphoric. Brajkishore Prasad view more I had undergone a open heart surgery for Aortic Valve replacement is 2001 for narrowing of the aortic valve. I started having breathlessness which gradually worsened. Seetharam Dixit view more Excellent procedure for T. There was no pain by the next day and within two days I felt I was ‘back to normal’.... Seth is one of the doctors who is doing an excellent work in the most difficult field with a big smile, grace, and humility. After being in touch with him for 10 days, I look upon him as one of my best friends and also with everlasting gratitude.

Vijay Kumar the consultant cardiologist and my student Dr Abhishek Kumar, MD, DNB. Dr Vibhu Priyasarshi view more During my interview given yesterday I have already stated how I feel the experience of having been changed both physically and psychologically. Ashok Seth has done to me and my mind is some sort of medical magic. However, I have been amazed with the recovery process. Ashok Seth, and my condition has been monitored regularly since then, which clearly indicated medical intervention to take care of this problem, even though this was not seen as ...

I do understand that there will always be some discomfort with the preparatory process, especially the injection on the neck. The problem with my aortic valve was discovered three years ago by Dr.

Nitesh since the time of admission till the completion of the procedure was excellent.... M Nangia view more Everything went very well with the procedure. Prem Saini view more I am very happy to have undergone the TAVR procedure at the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. He successfully underwent TAVR through Alternative Vascular Access Route (Subclavian Artery) in March 2013.

(Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. Mee as Senior Fellow at the Department of Paediatric Cardiac Surgery at Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne in Australia in 1989.

As such, there were 2 options-First to undergo open-heart surgery and another TAVR. Shanti vaish view more Very good feeling and experience with TAVR done by competent Dr ashok seth and Dr vijay kumar. You recently performed a TAVR procedure on my mother Mrs. We are very grateful that you did such a wonderful job.

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As per GOI’s circular on price-capping of stents by NPPA(National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new prices of coronary stents post GST launch have been implemented effective 1st July, 2017 across our hospitals. Krishna Iyer is one of India's front ranking paediatric cardiac surgeons, recognised for his clinical expertise and wide ranging involvement with cardiac care for children in India and other developing nations, Dr. He trained in paediatric and infant cardiac surgery under the guidance of the renowned paediatric cardiac surgeon Dr. He has contributed prolifically to furthering the cause of paediatric cardiac care through over a hundred research publications in national and international journals, authoring sections in medical books on paediatric and neonatal cardiac surgery and travelling to cities across India and abroad to deliver lectures.

Iyer initiated the first dedicated paediatric cardiac care program in Northern India , a pioneering initiative, at Escorts Heart Institute Research Centre( now Fortis-Escorts Heart Institute ) in 1995. He has been the founder President of Asia-Pacific Paediatric Cardiac Society and has been President of Paediatric Cardiac Society of India. Vijay Kumar and the entire staff are extremely knowledgeable in severe AS area.

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