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The logic is that such a release is necessary for “full release” on the part of the male clientele. In some cases the simple fact is that masseuses massage particular body parts so that they can make more money than their often meager standard salary.

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While some guys will still “take one for the team” and visit a massage parlor not covered online to see if they can get a happy ending the vast majority of customers today research massage parlors in advance in order to find a place to their liking.

When a guy looking for a happy ending enters a massage parlor for the first time they typically ask for a one hour massage.

That’s try even when a 30 minute massage is available for less money.

That is because as a first time visitor they are more likely to get extras with a one hour massage than they are with a thirty minute sessions.

While some of the higher end and better established places may have Chinese women in their twenties in somewhat sexy uniforms on staff the vast majority of massage parlors will have middle aged or even older women working.

Of course looks are no indication of skill and some of the oldest women are the most renown for their abilities.This is by design and intended both for the safety of the staff and venues and as a part of creating an overall relaxing atmosphere.After all relaxation is the entire point of massage!Guys who opt for a short session may be branded as a “cheap charlie” off the bat and receive nothing more than a mediocre rub down.Unlike some Korean massage parlors the women who work at Chinese massage parlors almost never wear any kind of sexy lingerie.If it is open into the late night or early morning or advertises on websites like Backpage or Craigslist there’s a good chance there are extras on offer though there are no guarantees.

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