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A Canadian exploration company has been using the impact model to explore for deposits of nickel and platinum metals at Maniitsoq since the autumn of 2011."The international team was led by Adam A. The first scientific paper documenting the discovery has just been published in the journal 'Earth and Planetary Science Letters'.

Urinary exosomes contain proteins and genetic materials m RNA and mi RNA, from their cell of origin that may represent physiology or pathophysiology of a variety of renal and systemic diseases (3).

In general, exosomes originate in late endosomal compartments called multivesicular bodies (MVBs).

I år er det 170 år siden, at Carlsbergs stifter brygger I.

Han indså vigtigheden af at tænke langsigtet, og han etablerede en hidtil uset model for erhvervsdrivende fonde, der har vist sig at være modstandsdygtig over for tidens forandringer, så hans virksomhed kunne leve videre . C.s Gyldne Ord: »Ved Carlsberg bryggeriernes drift skal det være det stadige formaal uden hensyn til øjeblikkelig fordel at udvikle fabrikationen til den størst mulige fuldkommenhed […]«.

Various topologies of polyubiquitin chains also play different roles in biology.

For example, Lys48-linked chains can target proteins for proteasomal degradation, whereas Lys63-linked chains can target proteins for lysosomal degradation, aid in DNA repair, or play a role in transcriptional regulation (5).Exosomes are extracellular nanovesicles (20–100 nm) that are secreted from various cells types in the body (1).In the urinary system, exosomes are secreted from epithelial cells from all segments of the kidney tubule and urinary tract (2).Here, we conclusively identify ubiquitylated proteins in renal epithelial ILVs and in urinary exosomes.Using protein mass spectrometry coupled with extensive bioinformatics, we demonstrate that in human urinary exosomes numerous proteins are ubiquitylated, with quantification of polyubiquitin chain topologies highlighting an enrichment of Lys63-linked ubiquitin molecules in exosomes.During the process of protein trafficking, ubiquitylated membrane protein cargo can be recognized by the endosomal-sorting complex required for transport (ESCRT) apparatus on the outer surface of MVBs.

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