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(Ms Calderón is an immigrant.) “We have nothing here in America; ya’ll keep flooding it,” he said.

“But like God says – like Yahweh himself says – we will chase you out of here.” Later, Mr Barker stopped to correct himself, telling Ms Calderón: “No, we’re going to burn you out.” When the journalist asked him how he planned to “burn out” 11 million immigrants, he responded: “We killed 6 million Jews the last time.

But in an interview with Radio Blu, Ms Calderón said Mr Trump helped inspire the interview.

"As part of the editorial meetings we were discussing the incidents of hate that had been presented, and how, from 2016 to here, these people and these groups feel entitled to raise its highest voice – perhaps backed by a President who speaks very weakly about it,” she said.

She watched Mr Barker lead a KKK meeting – in which participants dressed up in hooded robes and danced around with torches – and then sat down for an interview.

Almost immediately, Mr Barker asked her why she didn’t “go back” to her country of origin.

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An Afro-Latina journalist conducting an interview with a member of the Ku Klux Klan has said he threatened her so violently that she was concerned for her safety.

Ilia Calderón, a Univision journalist with both African and Colombian heritage, agreed to visit KKK leader Chris Barker on his wooded North Carolina property.

Ms Calderón said she had not expected the level of vitriol she encountered.

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