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One thing led to another, and we ended up traveling for the next 2.5 months together.There wasn’t happy ending, we didn’t get married or anything – it developed into a relationship but we split up after 7 months.Knowing this, you realize that appearance is probably like 5% of what is actually attractive.

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Throughout the rest of my 20’s, I’ve had plenty of fun dates and flings and I don’t feel hindered by my bald head.

I think I really lucked out in meeting Grace abroad, she truly restored my dwindling confidence after months of constantly checking my hair in the mirror.

They’re just not really good examples because the majority of guys reading this aren’t going to be movie stars any time soon.

It is worth noting though, that a lot of women are genuinely attracted to those men.

One day I went hiking with a few people from my hostel, all of whom met me and knew me only after I had shaved my head.

There were 6 of us, and as the hike progressed we kind of naturally split up into sets of two. The primary reason guys stress about losing their hair is because they think they will become unattractive to the fairer sex.There are three sections in this post, so feel free to skip around but we do recommend reading them all to get a fully holistic view.That’s the trick – you just need to restore your lost confidence.If you think it’s a bunch of “hokey pokey” BS and there’s more to it than confidence, just read the other examples.Fortunately, there was a good outcome to the story – I met her when I was already bald.

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